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    1750A DC Stabilized voltage Power Supply

    LM1750A3A DC voltage-stabilized source I way: 0 ~ 52V0 ~ 3A?
    Continuous adjustable voltage-stabilized source II way: 0 ~ 52V0 ~ 3A?
    Continuous adjustable voltage-stabilized source III way: 5V3A fixed I, II track can be master-slave, can Series, parallel use]

    Features: Any kind of short-circuit will not damage the voltage regulator and steady current Multi-channel voltage can be used in parallel, with master-slave tracking function.?Any kind of short circuit will not be damaged.?
    1. Use two sets of LED displays to indicate voltage and current.?
    2. The two adjustable outputs have the function of regulating voltage and current, and the state of steady voltage and steady current can be automatically converted.?
    3, the current limit can be adjusted.?
    4. The two output voltages can be connected in series or in parallel.?
    5, with overload and short circuit protection.?
    Index and Model see Reference of LM1800 Series Dimensions: 150 (H) × 260 (W) × 300 (D)

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