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    LM1600D Series Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator


    LM1600D Series Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator uses MCU+FPGA, 14-bit high-speed D/A direct digital synthesis (DDS) technology to produce stable, accurate and pure, low distortion output signals with dual independent outputs and intuitive graphical users Operation interface. Can be widely used in research and development, production, higher education institutions and other fields.


    1. Advanced DDS digital synthesis technology, dual independent output to achieve channel coupling;

    2, 200MSa / s sampling rate, 14bit resolution;

    3, frequency characteristics: sine wave 1μHz-40MHz, square wave 1μHz-5MHz;

    4, built-in sine wave, square wave, sawtooth wave, pulse wave, noise and other 35 kinds of waveforms, can generate arbitrary waveforms through the host computer software;

    5, rich modulation function, output a variety of modulation waveforms: amplitude modulation (AM), frequency modulation (FM), amplitude shift keying (ASK);

    6. Frequency shift keying (FSK), phase shift keying (PSK), linear and logarithmic sweep (Sweep) and burst (Burst);

    7, rich input and output: waveform output, synchronization signal output, external modulation source, external trigger input;

    8. Unique phase modulation function: phase adjustment of the signal output from the waveform;

    9, 3.5' TFT LED color LCD display, support plug and play USB storage device;

    10, low temperature drift output signal;

    11, optional 200MHz frequency meter function and 6W power output function.

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